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Bún chả

€ 14.5

Sweet and savoury pork BBQ in Vietnamese style, served with rice noodle & sour sweet salad.

phở bò

€ 14.5

It is a big bowl of rice noodle soup
with cooked beef.

Bao chả

€ 7.5

That highly addictive BBQ with salad in steam soft bun as a quick snack.

phở bò tái

€ 14.5

Another tastier
variation with medium rare beef.

bánh mì chả

€ 8.5

Let’s have this lovely BBQ into a crispy bread with soft inside.

nem chả

€ 6.5

Wrap Bún Chả in a rice paper roll. Taste the whole of it in just a bite.

phở gà

€ 14.5

Kinda light version of smoother taste of phở with chicken.

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